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What functions are there?

"Functions" sound like there are many, really there is only two, but they are good functions.  You can sort you pages and you can add many pages at once.  

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Sorting pages using function

  1. This select seems to only have "Wizards".  There may be other functions available as add ons.  
  2. Choose "Sort pages" or "Create multiple pages".
  3. This table shows the subpages to the page that you currently have highlighted in the pagetree. 
  4. You can sort using any one of these columns
  5. Reverse your current order

You can sort either by clicking on the column header or by clicking one of the list under "Sort these pages by:" (#4 above).  And you can reverse the current order they are in.

You cannot undo this, Typo3 will prompt you with a "are you sure" dialog before doing the sort.

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Adding multiple pages at one time.

If you are building out a very large site and have a number of subpages to add for one parent page, you can use the "Create Multiple pages" function.  Here you can add up to 10 pages at a time.

  1. This is the pagetitle.  Please see "Naming pages" for information on some of the things to keep in mind about naming pages.  Do not put a "/" in a page name.
  2. Check this to place the new subpages after the existing pages.
  3. Check this to hide the new pages.

A couple of things to consider.  This will add new pages under the page you have currently highlighted in the pagetree.  Also, you are adding just the pagetitle, not the subtitle or the navigation title.  You may need to go back into the page properties to add those.  


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