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Localization Overview


The following information is simply that, just information.  Localization is used for installations of Typo3 that have more than one language available.  While we plan to eventually integrate this, it is not at this time available at Creighton.

Because of this some of the "edit" does not make sense.  You cannot edit the localization settings as we have only one language available, so you are taken to the page's full tabbed properties edit.


  1. This would give the language's available (showing those pages in the chosen language) but we have only english so the only choice is "All".
  2. Pagetitle
  3. Edit all page properties - Oddly this isn't true.  This will take you to a workarea where you can edit the pagetitle, navigation title and hide page fields for every page listed.  It will not give you all the page properties.
  4. Edit default language page properties - I'm a little unsure what this is really supposed to mean.  Edit the localization setting for that page or edit the page in the default language.  Since we have only one language and there are no localization setting, you are given the full tabbed page properties workarea
  5. Edit page - takes you to the page module of that page where you can edit content if you wish
  6. View page - preview page
  7. How many content elements are on that page.


This is the workarea you will get if you click the "Edit all page properties" at the top of the column.


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