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While on first blush this might seem very useful for someone who is overseeing a number of editors, sadly it only shows the log for yourself.  So changing Users to "All users" does not do much.

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  1. Users - What user's actions are you viewing.  All users or self.  This is deceptive as at the moment only admins can view other users than themselves.  
  2. Depth - How many levels do you want to see the log for?  Current page through 3 levels
  3. Time - How long a period do you want to see the log for?  This week, Last week, Last 7 days, This month, Last Month, Last 31 days, No Limit. 
  4. The table of information displayed
    • Time - 24 hour time
    • User - the user @Live  means the user is in the Live workspace, @Draft means the user is in the Draft Workspace
    • Action - Update, Insert, Check (seems to be used with moving), Delete
    • Table - what table the action was on (usually pages or tt_content)
    • Details - While cryptic you can see what pages or content elements were affected (see below) as well as access the history/undo for each item
  5. Show History - Access the history and undo

A bit more detail

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The highlighted sections show that the content was changed in one entry and pages in another.  The Action column shows what action occured.

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