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Select Versions / exporting to CSV

If the page you have highlighted in the pagetree has versions then in the list module you can choose which of those versions display in the List.

Click image for full size:

The current live version is clearly marked =>ONLINE<=.  The rest of the versions go up with the latest version at the top.  "V" = "Version" the #1 is the first version created #2 is the second (etc).  WS:0 = Live workspace.  WS:-1 would be Draft.  WS:1 would be a custom workspace if you had it.  Note if the page for some reason was included in more than one custom workspace, then I believe the WS:1 could be a WS:2, WS:3 etc.

You can also choose to go the the "Display Versions" workarea for the page.

Exporting your list to CSV

Once you have customized either your page list or your Pagecontent list you can export either or both (but not at the same time) to a comma delimited file.

There is another export option directly to the right of "CSV" but this is advanced and beyond the scope of this manual.  It exports so that the data can be imported into another Typo3 installation.  You can try it be we cannot do anything with it.  

Once you have clicked on "CSV" how this is viewed is entirely up to both the browser you are using and the platform you are on.  For instance, Firefox on a Mac with Excel installed will show the download window, where you can click "Open" for the csv.  It will then open in Excel.  Again this depends on both what browser you use and what platform you are on.


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