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Moving a Page

Where to find it:

In the page module, highlight the page in the page tree.  Then in the work area you can click the "move page" icon at the top of the work area in the gray or you can simply click the "Move page" above the columns.

You can also use the pagetree contextual menu.

Move pages

To get to the move, bring up the contextual menu, pull down to more options and you will get a sub-contextual menu.  Choose "Move Element".

In the Move Element workspace, you'll see a list of pages.  The current page is in bold.  

You can also, if you wish, change from moving the element to copying the element by checking "Make copy instead of moving element".


The workarea will show your parent page, the subpages of that parent page and one level below it. 

However you can move up in the pagetree by clicking the "up" arrow next to the parent tree's pagetitle or you can move down another level by clicking the pagetitle of the page who's subpages you wish to display.

Once you are on the level where you wish to move/copy the page, click the small gray arrow to place it.  The arrow will turn green when you mouse over it (it really will, it's hard to see but trust me).

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