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QuickEdit in Page Module


Where to find it

When you are in the Page module, with a page chosen, you'll see a select list at the top of the work area.  This select is set at "Columns" by default and this is what you are probably most used to seeing. 

Choose "QuickEdit" from this select.

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The work area will then change to display all the fields for your topmost content element.  For some reason it will display each individual element inline, all fields displayed, rather than tabbed as it would normally.

Click image for full size:

  1. This area would be the "General" tab in the sitemap element
  2. This area would be the "Menu/Sitemap" tab in the sitemap element
  3. This area would be the "Access" tab in the sitemap element
  4. Here you can move the element to another position in it's column or in one of the other columns.
  5. More options (not all areas will have more options)

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How to select what you edit

If you don't see all the fields that you think are in a regular tabbed create new/edit area, check to see if there is a "More Options" (#5 above) next to one of the fields.  

So you have QuickEdit open but you wanted a different element (or maybe all elements in a column).  You'll see at the top of the page there is now a second select.  What you see in it should be the header or name of the currently displayed content element.  If the element has no header (if text) it will show [No title] and a snip of the text, however if the element is an HTML or Insert Records element and has no name all it will show is [No title] (see #3 in image below).

  1. Edit this page's properties
  2. All the elements in the normal column
  3. All the elements in the left column
  4. All the elements in the right column
  5. All the elements in the border column.

If you select "_Normal:_" , "_Left:_", "_Right:_", or "_Border:_" you will get all of the content elements in that column.  However, unlike selecting an individual element, you will get the tabs for each element in the column.  Below is the work area (top two elements) when "_Left_" is chosen.

Click image for full size:

The QuickEdit selection on any given page in your pagetree will not appear if there is no content on that page.

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Workarea action icons

If you select a single element you will also get a section of action icons at the top of the work area.

  1. Close document (without saving)
  2. Save document (and stay open)
  3. Save document and view page (and stay open)
  4. Delete
  5. Undo/Redo last change (also show elapsed time from this change).  This will NOT ask you if you really want to do this, it will just make the change without showing you what this change was.  If you are in doubt, click the View record change history icon (#11).
  6. Re-position current content element
  7. Create new content element
  8. Create New page (takes you to wizard so you can position page)
  9. View webpage
  10. Edit page properties
  11. View record change history (where you can also undo/redo) shows all history.

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