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Why use View

Actually don't use View.  It may give you a preview of your page but it won't be 100% accurate (unless you want your site to have pencils in it).  You can't add content to a new page from view, you copy/cut/past content or pages in view.  You cannot get to the quick edit features in view.  You cannot find out information on your content/pages in view.  You cannot undo errors in View.

What can you do in View?  If you have content you can click the pencil to edit that content.  That's all you can do in View.

While in View do NOT:

  • Rely that this is the exact way your site will look in a browser. Viewing it the view module can change it's appearance.
  • Use your site's menu from the View module to go to another page to work on in Typo3.
  • You cannot access HTML content elements from here.  What you do get is not the HTML element.
  • Expect that any Javascript added to your site will function correctly or even at all.

Why does my site look different in the View Module than it does in the browser?

I strongly advise against using the View module to see what your webpage will look like.  While handy, the View module is inside of Typo3 and the Typo3 application could possibly influence how your page looks.  For example it's doubtful you will have a page with little "edit" pencils on it. 

I was looking for a good illustration of this and took a look at our home page in the View Module.  While it's usually never this bad, the day I viewed it though the "View" module it decided to show me just what can go wrong when you try and work with a page in the View Module.

All of the larger images linked below are large!

Creighton's home page seen in the View module - Click image for full size:


This is the live page on the site (image taken within 3 minutes of above image) in Macintosh Firefox 3.6.

Click on image for full size:

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