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Creating a site

Creating a site in Typo3 and Creighton University

You need a website, or you have a website on another server that you want to move into Typo3, please contact the webteam.

What can it look like?

While we celebrate the uniqueness of all our varied departments, divisions, schools, clubs and groups, Creighton is moving toward a unified look.  In this way we can celebrate all of the pieces parts of Creighton and still have all of them say "This is Creighton".

Even though we are moving toward a unified look there is still room for individuality.  So contact the webteam about getting your site designed or even redesigned

Why move an external site into Typo3

Lots of reasons!   

  • You no longer have to cope with HTML, you can concentrate on the content.
  • Many of our servers are getting old and many will no longer be maintained.
  • Fast and easy content editing.
  • No more maintaining the old site other than your content.  That's what we do.
  • We can assist you in a site that will inform and retain your users.

Can I have my personal site in Typo3?

No, we have for personal sites.  You can find out more at  

Can my student group have a site in Typo3?

If you have a faculty adviser, then you can have a site in Typo3.  The reason we ask for a faculty adviser is simple, all of you students are going to graduate eventually.  We want sites that will continue to be maintained in Typo3, so we want someone we can contact, even after you graduate.

I am moving my old site in, can I copy the old content from the exisiting pages?

If you are going to copy content straight from a web page into a content element then we ask you to strip the current HTML out of the content.  When you copy content from a web page, the formatting behind the content is copied.  And although you don't see it, that is pasted into the content element too.  This can not only cause your site to fail it's tested before it goes live, it can cause some unexpected oddities in your content.  Like tiny text or text in an unusual font.  When this happens, it can make your site look messy and unprofessional.

However, if you copy the content from a web page and paste it into Notepad (or a Mac equivalent) first, then re-copy it and paste it into a content element, then yes you can copy it.

One thing though, if you haven't changed your content in a while, you might want to give it a freshen up!  

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