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Logging Onto TYPO3

Logging into Creighton University Typo3

How to login is described in the handout that is given during the Typo3 training.  You can also find that documentation here.  You have to have gone through the training to be able to login.  If you have not been trained please contact the webteam (you have to have a Creighton Netid).

The Typo3 basic training is also available in Bluetrain a DoIT training site offering training in many applications.  You can get to the training at:

Forbidden Message

If you have been granted access to Typo3 but when you try to access or you get the following message:

"Forbidden--This is regrettable--We must decline your request--Please enjoy another page.".

This occurs when you try to access Typo3 from outside Creighton's network.   You will need to download and install Creighton's VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access Typo3.   You will find the download and instructions for it's use and installation at

The address (url) of the main Typo3 server is:
The address (url) of the Medschool Typo3 server is
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