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What Now

What Now?

Hopefully, you'll take some time to explore all that Typo3 has to offer.  If you find I've omitted something, please contact me and I'll either add it or assist you in resolving any issues you have.


Now that this is *finished* I'll move onto exploring Typo3 version 4.3.   We have not set a date for the upgrade to Typo3 version 4.3, hopefully it will be later this summer.  

There are differences but I'm sure you'll find they are differences that will make Typo3 easier to use.  

Eventually we will upgrade to Typo3 5.0 (kind of need to wait for them to finish it though).  This will be an entirely great new wonderful experience.   Below is a slideshow of the concept behind the development of Typo3 Version 5.


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