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Someone told me to clear my browser cache - how do I do this?

When helping really doesn't

Ever make a change, you know you've made that change, yet when you go to your page, the change does not show up, leaving you feeling like you are in an episode of the Twilight zone?

Browser's live to be helpful, well that is what their creators claim, so they "cache" pages for you. In other words, they keep a copy of a page locally, images and all, so that when you open that page again, it shows up quickly.

That isn't a lot of help though if you are making frequent changes to your website and want to see these changes. 

The way to combat this is two fold.  

1.  Clear the page's cache in Typo3.  Contact the webteam and ask if they will clear the entire Typo3 cache (since page cache clearing was added to Typo3, we've little need to clear the application cache.

2.  Clear your browser's cache.  I'm not going to include instructions on how to do that as a) there are as many instructions as there are browsers and b) someone else has done it far better than I could.  

Instructions on clearing your browser's cache:

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