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I want to change the name of my site to

People have wanted a subdomain name of their own.  

A subdomain is  The medschool is a good example.

While it is feasible, there is a approval processes that you have to go through.  So do not assume that you can have a subdomain or what it can be called.

Do not print or otherwise advertise a subdomain unless you have approval for that subdomain. 

A few have wanted a domain name of their own.  To do this you have to go through domain registration (at a place like  And you will not own the domain name, you license it's use for a period of time, after which if you do not pay the fees for the next period of time, the name becomes available to anyone who wants it.  

Again, getting a domain for use here at Creighton needs to go through an approval before we can allow it.

Do not print or otherwise advertise a domain that you believe you will be using with a site in Typo3 until you have approval to do so. 

Yes I kind of repeated myself but we've had people advertise subdomains without asking if it was okay.  


Please contact the Webmaster for more information.
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