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How do I get trained in Typo3

Typo3 classes

You can find the Typo3 training schedule in the Creighton Calender ( ).

To get a login for Typo3 you do have to complete a class.  Once you've decided which class you want to take, contact the webteam to sign up.  Occasionally the classes do fill so let us know early.  

The classroom for the Typo3 class is located on the 4th floor of the Old Gym (#34 on the Campus Map).

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Although you have to attend a class to receive a login to Typo3, there is a training area in Bluetrain for Typo3.  The class itself is only 2 1/2 hours and it covers a lot of information.  The trainers have made the content available in Bluetrain so that people can go back over what they learned in class.

The manual can also be downloaded from this site (DOC or PDF)

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