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How can I find out how many pages/levels I have in my site?

Sometimes a site owner will want/need to know just how large their site is.  How many page on how many levels.  Counting only leads to excessive use of aspirin.  Let Typo3 tell you how many you have.

First highlight the site root (or the section root if you want to count only a certain area, not the whole site) in the pagetree and then click "Access" to get the Access module.  

When the Access workarea appears on the right, click the edit (pencil) icon to the right of the root pagetitle.

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In the page access workarea, you'll see a select at the bottom of the space.  It's blank when you first come into the workarea.  When you click on this select, it will tell you how many levels and how many pages you have.

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