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I think someone else is editing my page!

Permission to edit a page is set up through one or more groups rather than by individual.  Then individuals are assigned to those groups.  Occasionally there is one person in a group but more likely there are several people in a group.  So it's rare that only one person will have edit permissions to a page, it's far more likely that there will be 2 or more people with permission.

If someone has a page open to edit, Typo3 does not lock that record (like say Microsoft office will, have you gotten the "Locked for editing" warning when trying to open a shared document?).  But Typo3 will give you a big bright warning!

From the pagetree, List module and Page module you will see a white exclamation mark outlined in red on any record that is being edited by someone else.

If you mouse over the exclamation mark, you'll see the netid (or username, but here at Creighton our usernames are usually our netids) and about when they started editing it. 

Click image for full size:

When you open the record, Typo3 puts a nice large yellow warning banner at the top, again telling you the netid (which is our username) of the person editing the record and how long they have been editing it.  You can look up that netid in the Creighton University Account Management Interface.

Occasionally may see the netid of one of the webteam.  If we change setting on a group, user or in Typo3, sometimes we'll go into a user's account to make sure all is working correctly for them, the group or for them as a member of the Creighton community.  Occasionally we get an alert from a user that there is a typo or some other error on a page and we'll quickly go in and fix it.  

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