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Changes in Version 4.4

What's new in version 4.4

While you'll find a lot of version 4.4 familiar.  The way you work may change, it may not.  We all think that everyone will agree there has been a number of excellent changes in Typo3 version 4.4

What's New

Changes in working with content

This is where the biggest changes lie.  The View module/Front End (page in preview) editing has been totally revamped making it easier to edit, move and add new content.  It's got a shiny new Ajax based editor that enables you do drag and drop to move or add content.  You can edit the content without leaving the page (you edit in an overlay) and you can edit page properties and add new pages.  Very nice.

The only thing lacking is adding new content to a blank page.  It seems we still need to do this from the page module or the list module, just as we did before.  

Working with content in version 4.4

NOTE: Many people have noticed that it's slower to update in the View module and Preview editing now.  Yup that's true.  Why is it this way?  Because they new have the ability to do things like drag n drop, have editors open in overlays etc.  These new shiny things that the View module and preview editing offers, slows it down.  If you need it to be faster please use the page module.  

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The recycler

Along with the exciting new Front end editing (view module editing) Typo3 version 4.4 has the Recycler module.  This is a simplified way to recover pages or content you've accidentally deleted.  No more fussing with the history/undo (although if you were really in love with history/undo, it's still available).  

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Lots of small helpful additions.

I've just started documenting version 4.4 but am finding a number of smaller additional functionality that some may find useful.  Most I don't have documented as yet.  I will link to the section for each as I complete them.

  • Expanding/Contracting List module views
    • You can expand/contract the "page (#)" and "pagecontent(#)" table headers in the list view.
  • Recently Used documents
    • Typo3 keeps track of the most recent documents you have worked on.  So if you forget where you've been, you can easily go back
  • Open in new window
    • You can open the current page or content element you are working on in a new window
  • Search for records
    • Almost any time you need to link to a document (creating a shortcut, inserting records, adding a starting point to a sitemap) now has a "find records" to simplify this task.
  • Calendars
    • Any date field (start & stop for example) now has a popup calendar.
  • Flexible textareas and Rich Text editor
    • Ever feel that the space in the Rich text editor isn't enough?  You can now set your user settings to make that area flexible.
  • And so much more... stay tuned!  I've only just begun.

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What's going away

Versioning and workspaces

NOTE - Versioning and workspaces is back, at least temporarily.  

We've always had problems with versioning and workspaces.  The way they were meant to be used wasn't quite useful for the way most of our folk work and would have actually entailed more work for all involved, and more training. 

Because of this the workspaces and versioning were frequently not used correctly.  Often people created new versions of content without even realizing it.  Sometimes, if two or more people with different permissions edited pages in the draft area, the permissions on the page(s) would get so mixed up that it would not allow publishing.  The only way to fix this was to copy the page to a new area and delete the old.  A hassle for everyone involved.  Pages created only in draft showed up in the live page tree with an icon that made them look like they were hidden, which they were not.  This created lots of confusion as "unhiding" them did nothing to make them show up.

Because of this we've removed both versioning and workspaces.  The same thing can easily be accomplished by creating copying content or pages to new hidden elements and making the changes needed, then deleting the old.

I apologize to those who are not from Creighton who have used the information on versioning and workspaces in this manual (meager as that information was....).  Once we go live with the upgrade on both our Typo3 servers, the sections on Versioning and Workspaces will go away.   That is unless too many from away use it and wish to keep it available.  If you want to see it stay (it won't get updated for obvious reasons) just let us know.

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The help modules

The help modules weren't... very helpful that is.  The information there was very basic, usually not much more than you learned in the Typo3 class.  So to help clean up navigation, we've removed these modules.

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