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Content from another page


Why show content from another page?

Ever have content on one page that you want on another?  But you don't want to have to maintain both, keeping them in sync?  When using a Standard or Mount Point page you can show all the contents from another page on your current page, thus only having to maintain one page.  You can also insert records from another page or pages.  That is covered under "Types of Content Available", "Content - Insert Records".

Where to find this?

Showing all the content from another page is done through the page properties for "Standard" and "Mount Point" pages (you will almost always be using a "Standard" page if you are showing content from another page).  Each set of properties for each page type can be found on the corresponding page for each page type.  







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Showing content from another page

We'll assume that this is a standard page.

"Show content from this page instead" is located on the "Options" tab of the Standard page page properties.


When you click the small folder to the right of the text area, you will get the Typo3 Element Browser. 

Go to the page you want the content from and click it's title.  This title will then show up in the text box. 

If you no longer wish to show that content, highlight the name and click the small square with the x betwen the text box and the folder.  

Remember with this option "Show content from this page instead" you cannot pick and choose what content from that page to show.  To do this use the "Insert Records" content element.

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