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Deleting Several Pages


Where to find the clipboard

The clipboard is available in either your filelist or in the List module.  It is not available in Page or View.  You'll find as you get more experience that you can do quite a lot from List and may find yourself no longer using "View".

When you first log into Typo3,  and you choose a page and List, you will get the simple view of the list of your pages and content.  

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In simple view the icons for copy/cut/paste are not available to use.

Check "Show Clipboard" and the clipboard will appear.  Normal is the default.  Normal is the regular method for single element method of copying and moving.

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However, once you have checked the "Show clipboard" and clicked one of the 3 clipboards, the clipboard icons will display and you can use the clipboard functions to copy, move or delete content.

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Deleting several pages at once.

Check the pages you wish to delete.  If you try to delete a page that has subpages, and you do not have "Recursive Delete(!): " checked on in your user settings, Typo3 will not allow you to delete.  

 Once you have checked the pages you wish to delete, simply check the garbage pail icon at the top of the list.

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