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How do I create a FAQ page?


Creating a FAQ page

So you want/need to create a page with links at the top of the page to content further down.  This is the standard format of a FAQ page.

There is two ways to do this, one is automatic one is a bit more manual.

However for either to work you have to put your content into chunks.  For a FAQ page, you'd put each question in a separate content element.  Put the question as the Header, this is important.

For a page that is divided by years either put each and every year in a separate content element (the best way to do it) or put a segment (like a decade or other logical segment) into separate content elements.  Put the year or segment of years in as the header, this is important.

Why is the header important?  For the automated way of creating a menu, the header will be your link.

Actually you see the automated version of this a lot in this manual, indeed this very page.  

Automated link/menu creation

Section Index (pagecontent w/Index checked).

A section index menu is what you would find on a FAQ page with a link to each of the topics (or content elements with "Index" checked on).  The menu at the top of this page is a Section index.  

A section menu with all content indexed. Click image for full size:

Here Content element 2 does not have index checked.  Click image for full size:

To top

If you take a look at the terminology page in this manual, you'll see a page with an automated menuing at the top but only a few content elements are indexed.  The main divisions (letters of the alphabet) are indexed while the entries for each segment of the alphabet are not indexed.  So the menu only goes to the letter(s).

Click image for full size:

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