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Linking a page to a document


Not for everyday use

Using a main menu to open major documents; Student Handbooks, Major Policies, Staff Handbooks etc, is fine.  However, we don't encourage users to put all or even some documents in your main menu. Please restrict it to documents that could be considered a major portion of the information you need to get to users.

In general it's done so seldom (this is web wide) that users won't look in menus for documents, they will look for links to documents in pages.  So please keep this in mind.

First Upload your documents

Upload your documents.  When working with MS Office documents remember that some people may not have MS Office. 

And if you are working with MS Office 2007, remember that anyone with an older version of Office will not be able open the XML versons of documents (docx, xlsx, pptx etc).  So save them as an older version.   

Finding the path to your document

You will need the absolute path to your document.  Absolute means the whole path starting with

Astute people will notice that the relative path to the folder where the files appears to be in the upper right corner of the work area.  A relative path would assume that the " is in front of the folder name.  But what our users see isn't the whole relative path. It's a partial path generated for the user group you belong to.  So there could be a number of folders above this one.  

Click image for full size:


Finding the path on a Windows machine

If you are on a Windows machine, you can go to the document in your filelist and click on it.  This will (usually) open the document in a new window.  And you can grab the URL there.

Click image for full size:

Copy the URL from the addressbar in the browser you are using (this is Firefox, other browsers may look different).



Finding the path on a Macintosh

If you are using Safari and the path is to a PDF then the instructions above will work fine.

But if the document is a word document (Office document, or some document Safari doesn't recognize) it will save the document to your hard drive.... not much help.

Firefox will always use Preview to open documents (and save a copy to your hard drive).

The one workaround to find the full path (and it will work no matter what OS you are on) is to create a link to that document in content, go to that page on your site and "View Source" find the link to that document and copy it.  A bit complex if you have never viewed the source code of a web site, so please you can always ask the webteam to assist you in getting the correct path to the document.  

If a Mac user knows of an easy way to find the path to a document please let me know.

Create a new page, changing Type to External URL

First, create a page in the area where you want it to show up.  In the General tab 

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