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How did I end up with a page called [No title] when pagetitle is required?

Changing page type then changing your mind.

If when creating a page, you change the page type from say Standard to Shortcut then change your mind entirely and cancel the page creation, you'll find that you have a page called [No title] (with brackets).

This can occur if you change the page type, not filling in any fields and then canceling creating the page.

When you change the page type, you'll get a dialog box asking if you want to save what fields you have filled out.  Typo3 is trying to be helpful, even if you have not filled out any fields.  If you click "OK" to this dialog box, the page is saved, even if the required fields are not filled out.  

So you can end up with a page named [No title].  You can also end up with an external URL with not address filled in (also a required field).



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