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Your pagetree is your navigation

Pages = Navigation -- usually

Well actually no matter how the menu is created, it is your pages that create your menu or navigation.

menu = navigation = pages.

Sometimes, in order to achieve something unique to your site the webteam will set it up so that the menu is created from specific pages.  Most often though, the menu is created by all your pages (unless you hide the page or check "Hide in menu" on the general tab of the page properties).  

I was surprised when i realized that not everyone using Typo3 understood this.  For many who have worked with the web before (and a while ago) with Dreamweaver (or another editor) the page structure will look familiar.  

I suspect though that users who have come from other CMS's (content management systems) or blogging tools might not know this is the way the navigation is created or that this was once normal.    

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