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Page Type
Page Types - What can you do with a page?

A "page" can do many things in Typo3.  The most common one is to display the content on your site (Standard).  It also can redirect to a page within our site (Shortcut) or to a page on another site entirely (Link to external URL).  It can also link to a document (Link to external URL) if you want to have a link to a document in your menu.  You can use a "page" to simply indicate another area in your pagetree in typo3 (Visual menu Separator).  

Although you are unlikely to use any of these, a page can also be a Mount Point, Sysfolder, or Recycler.

Page types you might use on your site: Page types that won't show on your site:
How to find page properties
Misc page icons

Icons - pages in draft, uncertain status

  1. If Typo3 is uncertain what icon to assign to it, it will give it a question mark
  2. A page with no title

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Unpublished page

Unpublished page whether hidden or not

Page deleted in Draft

A page that has been deleted in Draft (icon is seen only in draft)

Page created in live but moved in Draft.

If you create a page in Live workspace, but move it in draft, you will not only get a special icon but you'll find (until we upgrade Typo3) that the pagetitle has been changed as well.

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