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Note: Not available on the Medschool server.

A recycler page is a way to store pages you no longer wish to use but don't want displayed on your site.  It's much like the trash on a PC or Mac.


Unlike sysFolder or a Visual Menu Separator, if you put pages under a Recycler you can no longer view or preview them.  If you try you will get an error:

You can hide a Recycler if you want, although there really is no reason to do this.  If you did the icon would look like:

You cannot link to a Recycler page.  As you can see below, Recycler pages (page named "two" on the in the page tree) are not even shown in the Insert/Modify Link dialog box on the right. 

See Page properties - Recycler for more information on what options or attributes you can give a Recycler page.

Recycler page icons

  1. A recycler page
  2. A hidden recycler page

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Note: This page type is not available on the Medschool server.

General Tab

  1. Type - this would change the standard page to another of the different page types available.  You can choose Standard, Shortcut, Mountpoint, External URL, SysFolder, Recycler or Visual menu separator.
  2. Layout - this is unused by us
  3. Last Updated - There are places (Creighton Newscenter for example) that display the most recently updated news stories.  This field could be used for that.  However we use an internal field to check the most recently updated.  
  4. New until - this is just for editor housekeeping and is not used by Typo3.  You can enter a date in here if you want to do something to the page after this date.
  5. No search - Creighton does not use Typo3's internal search.  The size of the Typo3 installation is so large that using Typo3's internal search caused Typo3 to stutter, cough and occasionally crawl to a stop.  If we did use the internal search, this would exclude the current page from those results.
  6. Hide page - If the page is hidden it can only be accessed through typo3, it will not be available to the public
  7. Title (or pagetitle) - the actual name of the page.  This is what people will see in the address of the site and page.  Please see Naming pages for more information.  The field will hold up to 255 characters.

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Options and Access Tabs

There are not Options or Access Tabs for the Recycler properties.

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