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Why does my page load so slowly?

If all the webpages are loading slowly, then it's not your page and there isn't much you can do.

However, if it's just your page, there are a number of things you can check

Are you using an un-optimized image?  In other words a very large image either scaled down or not.  For more information on image file size check Files/Working with Images

If your images are all appropriately sized, then do you have a lot of them?  While having images is a great way to pull in a user's interest, there is such a thing as too many.  If you need a lot to illustrate something (and this site is a good example of this) either break the page into parts (on other pages) or warn people it might take a bit to load.  If users know that there is something worth waiting for, they will be willing to wait... but just for a little while.  A warning cannot replace optimized images.  

If you are not using a lot of images, then do you have a plugin or widget you've added to your page? 

We have a lot of sites that now use the's sharing service to put links to social networks on their sites.  Recently one of their javascripts caused an error.  This can slow your page as well.

Are you using flash on that page?

One way to figure out what's causing your page to load slowly is to hide each content element that might potentially be the problem and reload that page. 

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