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Tips & Tricks

Why this section

Really this entire manual is a "tips and tricks".  When I started out, I knew only a small portion of what I do now.  And my own work in Typo3 was dreadfully inefficient.  

But what I'm listing in this section are things that I (and the webmaster, and the other members of the webteam) went "Wow" over.  So here are some tips and tricks to help speed your work.

Making manageable chunks
Making your content more usable for you and Typo3.
Internal Notes
Internal notes is an excellent way to leave yourself or other editors information about that page.
Shortcuts within Typo3
Creating a shortcut to frequently used pages within the Typo3 application
Searching Typo3
Using Typo3's search to find content or page on your site or to find where someone else is linking to your pages or content.
To Top of page
A way to add "To Top" without any code what so ever.
A larger editor
Ever find the Rich Text Editor just too small?
Quick Edit of page properties
How to do a quick edit of several page's properties at one time.
Quick edit of content elements
How to do a quick edit of several content elements at one time.
Working with a long pagetree
How to shorten the page tree to a manageable size
Workspace Tips
A few tips for creating versions and using workspaces.
Editing inserted content from where inserted
Are you using an inserted content element and you need to edit it but can't remember where it came from? You don't need to leave the "Insert record" content element to edit an inserted record!
Typo3's Clipboard
Typo3 has a powerful clipboard feature which allows you to copy/move many pages/content elements/files at once. You can use this clipboard to gather content from several pages to paste onto one single page, or to move entire subdirectories at once.
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