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Internal Notes

What is an Internal Note, can it do anything for me?

Internal notes can be a place where you can collaborate with others content editors on what will appear in your pages.  Or you can put notes to yourself in them, create to do lists or leave instructions for others.  There is no documentation that I could find on internal notes.  However, your internal note can be up to 65535 characters (which is about the size of a short story or 24 typed pages).  So you could keep quite a large record of what you have done on your site in an internal message.  

Remember this is not a Rich Text editor, it will store what you put in but not format it.  

It can only be seen from the Typo3 interface, it will not appear on the page it is associated with.

Where to find Internal Note

You can only add an internal note from the "New Record" icons in the List module.

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The click on the "Internal Note" in the New Record wizard.

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Internal Note

Unlike almost all other content or page elements, Internal note has no tabs.  It is pretty clear in it's setup.  It is simply for the entering and saving of notes pertaining to the pages (or in the examples cases Superman).  

  1. Category - you can choose from Instructions, Notes, To-do, or Template
  2. Author - your name
  3. Email - your email.  Typo3 does nothing with this email, you cannot email notes.
  4. Personal - if you check this, the notes you enter will not be visible to another user who edits the same page.
  5. Subject - the subject of this note
  6. Message - any text up to 65,535 characters (the length of a short story about 24 pages).

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What appears in the List module

When you have added an internal note the List module will give Internal notes their own panel and display the public internal notes below.  

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