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Searching Typo3

Searching your entire site for a page, content

While the search that is offered in the Page module and the List module is handy, it does only go to 4 levels down.  Typo3 has a second way to search for pages or content.  If you look in the upper right corner of your browser window while in the Typo3 application, you'll find a magnifying glass.  

You can enter any words in this search.  For example I searched for "Who we are" which is located not only as pagetitle but in content as well.

If you are searching for a pageid, the results will be returned in the page module (as there is only one page for each pageid).  If you are searching for words that will return more than one result, the results will be displayed in the list module.

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Using the search to find a reference

You can use this search to find where someone is linking to your content or page.  In the List Module (where you will see the reference numbers), if the item is linked to it will have a number beside it.  You can click this to get the reference information and the unique id's of where it's being linked to. For more on [Ref] see " What is [Ref]?".

You can use the unique id shown in the reference to find where it is being linked to. 

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NOTE:  if there is a ref number and your search of the unique id does not find it, dont' assume it doesn't exist.  Typo3 will only search the site you have access to.  So if you don't find anything, contact the webteam.

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