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Keep content organized

There is a tendency to want to put all your content into one element on your page.  I see this all the time.  And while it's perfectly acceptable to do it this way, you could get so much more out of breaking your information into relevant chunks.  

When you break your page's content into chunks (with index checked on) you can create a section menu like a FAQ page.  You can also link directly to that particular content from another page.  It makes finding things easier whether you are in the Page or List modules or using the Quick Edit.

Where do you break up all that content.  Sometimes it's a judgment call, if you have a lot of paragraphs without headers then try to think if you'd want to link to any specific area within those paragraphs and break it up that way.

If you do have headers for your paragraphs, this makes it much easier.  Put each section of content with it's own header in it's own element.

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