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The requested page didn't have a proper connection to the tree-root!

Preview generates error

When you are in the versioning Module, Workspace Module or Display Versions, if you click the "preview" icon (the small magnifying glass) of a draft version of a page, (that is one that isn't live), you would get:


You can also get this error if you attempt to make changes the properties to a version of a page that is not live.  However, it will save the change despite the error.

What does this mean?

Actually it's pretty simple.  The draft version doesn't have a connection to your site. 


Click image for full size:

The versioning paned will show you the UID of the live page and the draft page.  The UID of the live page is the UID that Typo3 uses to connect your page to your site.  And although there is a preview icon sitting right next to the page in draft (the top one above), it won't work because that UID (44185 in the above) is not connected to any site.  

If you want to see what the draft page looks like click the Preview icon at the very top of the workspace.  This will pull in the comparison of the draft and live page (You need to have "Frontend Preview" unchecked for this to work.  


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