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Deleting in Draft - but it is still there!


Deleting in draft

If when you are in the draft workspace you delete either a page or content that was created in live.  It will not disappear from the list module.  It will remain there with the "deleted" icon.  

Deleted content - click image for full size:

Deleted page - click image for full size:

It, however, will disappear from the View module and the page module in the Draft workspace.  So if you have deleted something in Page module (you cannot delete from View module) and you did this in Draft workspace, not live.  Go to the list module to see if it's there.  To recover it, delete it again (read on).

And so you delete it again

Wait, when you delete it again.... it's back with no deleted icon.  What is happening?

It makes sense if you think about it.  You are deleting the deletion.  So what do you have when you remove the deletion from something?  It's back.

What do I do?

This depends on what you want.  If you want to delete the element in both and it was created in live, delete it in live.  If you want to change it in draft workspace, then just go in and edit  it in Draft.  This will create a new version while retaining the old.  

If you want to delete it in draft and not have it show in draft while keeping it in live. 

Deleting in Draft - when there is a version in Draft

If you make a change to either a page or content while in draft.  This automatically creates a version of that page or content element.  

You cannot see versioning in the Page module or the View module.  However it's obvious in the list module by the # in the column that usually has the "V" icon for versioning.  The # is the number of versions.

Click image for full size:

So you click the delete icon (the garbage pail) for that content element to remove it.  Typo3 even confirms that it is going to delete it.

Click image for full size:

Wait it appears that nothing happens, the page or the content element is still there.  But look closer.  The number is gone from the Versioning column.  What you did was delete the version, not the element.

Click image for full size:


Warning - Deleting in Live Workspace

If you delete in Live workspace even if there are versions.  The entire element or page will be deleted! Go to information on how to recover a deleted page/content element.

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