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Versioning vs Display Versions which is which and what do I need (or care?)


Versioning Module vs the Contextual Versioning

Versioning module vs Versioning in the contextual menu, which is which?  Which should I use?  Why did they use the same name?

This is, I believe, a place where a better name would have been appropriate as the Versioning module and contextual menu Versioning are not the same although they have similar functionality.   Really the Versioning module is a workspace module for individual pages.  

Display Versions

The page "Table" in Display Versions and "Versioning" in the contextual module:

Click image for full size:

While you cannot publish from here, you can swap the current live version with one of the other versions.  You can also create a new version without going to the Draft workspace. 

Go to Display Versions for more information.

Versioning Module

Basically the Versioning module is the Workspace Module for the current highlighted page in the pagetree.

The Versioning module's title says Workspace Management... and the Workspace module's title says "Workspace Manager"... it doesn't make sense to me either.  Just remember:

Versioning module = the current highlighted page
Workspace module = whole site.

Click image for full size:

Go to Versioning Module for more information

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