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Where to find these tools


Finding Display Versions in List Module

To find "Display Versions" in the List Module for pages and content.  Click the gray V (if there are no versions) or yellow # (the number will be how many versions there is) icon in the list module action icons to left of pagetitle or content header. 

For pages, in the pagetree, you can left click on the pagetitle and pull down to "Versioning".

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Finding Display Versions in Page Module

While you cannot "Display Versions" for pages in the page module (other than in the pagetree that is).  You can click on the icon for a content element and pull down to "Display Versions".

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Finding Display Versions in View Module

In the View module workspace you cannot find "Display versions".  You can use the contextual menu in the pagetree for "Display Versions" for pages, but there is no way to "Display Versions" for content in the View module.

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Finding the Versioning Module and Workspace Module


The Versioning module is the same as the Workspace module, except it is limited to one page.

The Workspace module will display (depending on your settings) all versions (Draft or Archive) for the Draft, Live or custom workspace.

Send to Review/Pub (Contextual menu only)

Send to review/pub is a shortcut to either send a page or content to review or to publish it.


Typo3 will take the next step in the process so it's important to know where the page/content you are working with is.  You can find this out in either the Versioning module (highlight the page in question in the pagetree) or the Workspace module.

More on"Send to Review/Pub"...


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