mailman List Application

This form is for creating a new list, not subscribing to an existing list. Only online applications accepted.

* denotes required field
List Owner Information

Email address is of the form Remember, if you use CUmail your return address looks like

WARNING! It is recommended that you use your real email address. If, for any reason, email to you as listowner (the address you enter above) bounces back as undeliverable, the list may be deleted without warning.

ADDITIONAL WARNING! Your list must always have at least one Creighton email address as a listowner so that it can be associated with a Creighton address for spam filtering. Failure to do so can result in list removal.

List Owner Affiliation

For Faculty/Staff, enter your department below.
For Students, enter your school/curriculum below.
For Alumni, enter the last degree Creighton conferred on youand what year below.

List Details

Now enter a tentative name for your list. (It will be constrained by UNIX restraints, and will be in lower case. All listnames subject to approval.)

  • Your listname can be no shorter than 3 characters.
  • Your listname can be no longer than 15 characters.
  • No embedded spaces are allowed.
  • Punctuation: only "-" (dashes) and/or "_" (underscores) are allowed (no quotes, periods, exclamation points, etc.).

You will be notified by e-mail when your list is created (Usually within a couple of days but most likely by the next day.) At that time you will receive a "Quick Start" package for your list that you should look over to learn how to moderate your list, change message size, etc. This information can also be found in the mailman FAQ.

Questions? mailman-owner at

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