Navigating copyright law and fair use guidelines is challenging for educators, administrators, and students.  The sheer volume and ease of access to information resources online and in digital formats can lead to uncertainty about what available material can be used, how, and when.

In terms of copyright, what is a guideline versus a law? When does Fair Use apply and to what extent? How much responsibility do educators bear in ensuring students receive adequate instruction on copyright guidelines?  The questions appear to be overwhelming and are often answered with interpretations of the laws and guidelines.

We have compiled a list of on-campus and off-campus resources to help you navigate the waters.

Creighton University Resources

President's Office
Guide to Policies [PDF]
Of special interest in the Guide:

Copyrights of Digital Materials and Software
Fair, Responsible and Acceptable Use Policy for Electronic Resources
Software Media Control
Intellectual Property

Reinert Memorial Alumni Library
Copyright policy
How to cite sources

Health Sciences Library
Obtaining Copyright Permission for Course Related Materials

Authorization and Release Form [PDF]

External Resources

United States Copyright Office
Comprehensive resource.  Frequently Asked Questions is especially helpful

United States Copyright Office: Fair Use

Copyright Management Center
(University of Indiana-Purdue University-Indianapolis)

Checklist for Fair Use
(University of Indiana-Purdue University-Indianapolis)

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
An online service through which you can obtain permission to use copyright protected works or license your own works.  Fee based.

Creative Commons


Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Maintained by the Association of Research Libraries

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