Hardware Purchase - Process And Form


When a hardware purchase is needed, the Server - Hardware Request Form should be submitted to Creighton’s Division of Information Technology (DoIT).

1. DoIT will assist the requestor in identifying the best solution to meet the needs of the requesting organization; while balancing Creighton’s desire to build and maintain an economical, standardized, reliable, and secure computing environment.

2. Information to be submitted to DoIT on the Server - Hardware Request Form include:

3. A completed Server - Hardware Request Form should be  emailed to ServerRequest@creighton.edu

4. Creighton’s Division of Information Technology will work directly with vendors, Purchasing and requestor to establish specific requirements for hardware.

5. A server/hardware proposal will be generated that will be routed with the form for approval.

6. Once all approvals are obtained, copies of proposal with approvals are sent to requestor, DoIT and Purchasing. 

7. Purchasing Policy and the Banner requisition process should be followed by the Department to complete the hardware order—if needed.  The Server - Hardware Request Form must be completed and approved by DoIT prior to the generation of a Purchase Order.

OPTIONS for Departments and Colleges:

Departments/Units/Schools/Colleges have options when it comes to hardware-server purchases. The key is that we follow the guidelines to assure a secure and reliable environment

Option 1)  Units/Departments/Schools/Colleges (hereby referred to as Department) may fill out the attached Server-Hardware Request Form, with appropriate signatures, and send it to ServerRequest@creighton.edu. Once received, a full hardware recommendation will be developed and reviewed with the Department.  Purchasing Policy and the Banner requisition process should be followed by the Department to complete the hardware order—if needed at all.  This option provides the quickest turn-around time and ensures that all guidelines are met.        

Option 2**)     Departments/Units/Schools/Colleges (hereby referred to as Department) that have IT personnel can develop their own hardware requirements. Technology personnel should define what specifications are needed for your application or data needs. PLEASE NOTE THAT DoIT is available for advice and strongly encourages consulting with our technical experts in the early stages of hardware purchases. Once the Department has defined what is needed, these requirements should be submitted to the DoIT technical experts to assure that all Creighton University server guidelines are met. Once DoIT and the Department have agreed on the hardware specification, the Department should get approval from the department chair, dean, and area vice president. Once approvals have been acquired then the Department should submit all materials, signature forms, and Server-Hardware Request form to ServerRequest@creighton.edu.  Purchasing Policy and the Banner requisition process should be followed by the Department to complete the hardware order, if needed.  If hardware must be ordered, then when it has arrived on campus the Department will be notified and application set-up and/or data migration can take place.

**It should be noted that it will take longer for Units to acquire hardware under option 2, but allows the Department the opportunity to first develop their own recommendation


Point of Contact

The person who is the first point of contact for questions and comments for the Server - Hardware Request.

Date Constraints

Any date constraints that a project has which should include implementation date, date server is required.  

System Requirements

To be used efficiently, all computer software needs certain hardware components or other software resources to be present on a computer system. These pre-requisites are known as system requirements and are often used as a guideline as opposed to an absolute rule

Operating System

The software that the rest of the software depends on to make the computer functional.


A computer that delivers information and software to other computers linked by a network.


The Requesting Department is responsible for sending Server - Hardware Requests to DoIT.

School or Division technology support personnel are responsible for establishing resource needs and projected growth.

Administration and Interpretations

This standard shall be administered by Creighton’s Division of Information Technology (DoIT).  Questions regarding this standard should be directed to the office of the Vice President for Information Technology. 

Amendment/Termination of this Guideline

The University reserves the right to modify, amend or terminate this standard at any time.  This guideline does not constitute a contract between the University and its faculty or employees.


Exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and must be proved invalid in the existing hardware environment by Creighton’s Division of Information Technology.


Violations of this guideline may result in wasteful spending, acquisition of hardware that will not or cannot be sustained at Creighton, and will dramatically lengthen the time to deploy the desired solution

Any known violations of this guideline should be reported to the Office of the Vice President of Information Technology at 402-280-2202.

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