BlueQ Policy

Use of online surveys is governed by a policy statement to which users must agree before receiving an account. This service is also governed by the Creighton University Acceptable Use Policy.

See DoIT's Policies


There are fifty accounts reserved for student coursework.  Faculty may request an account to be used by students for coursework.  Go to and click on the “Request an Account” link.  The requesting faculty member will be sent an e-mail with details about the student account.



Clients shall create and publish their own surveys, and analyze results themselves.

DoIT – Academic and eLearning Technologies does not create or publish surveys for others.  DoIT can not analyze data or survey results.

DoIT – Academic and eLearning Technologies will provide several training opportunities throughout the year for those interested in using BlueQ.

DoIT – Academic and eLearning Technologies does offer consultation, by request.

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