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Cybersecurity Awareness Reinforced

October 2010 marks the seventh annual National Cybersecurity Awareness month sponsored by The Department of Homeland Security. It is a time to remember to be safe online. Information and information systems are critical Creighton University assets. Without reliable and properly secured information and information systems, Creighton University is open to unnecessary liabilities. Likewise, the preservation and enhancement of the University's reputation is directly linked to the way in which both information and information systems are managed. Maintaining an adequate level of security is one of several important aspects of both information management and information systems management.

To be effective, information security must involve the participation and support of the entire Creighton University community.

The following are some key steps to remember:

  • Create your security profile on AMI.
  • Never give your username or password to anyone.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Beware of e-mails that seem suspicious.
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