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Tornado Drill Update

The University held a tornado drill on March 16 and asked people to respond to key questions about the exercise. In addition, members of the University's crisis committee, stationed at various locations on campus, provided input on drill execution and logistics.

Internal channels such as Creighton Today, student list serves and communication from respective leadership were used to inform the campus community about the drill. Again CUAlert was tested during the drill notifying participants through e‐mail, office phone and mobile devices that the drill was taking place. To assure consistent delivery campus members are reminded to update their information in CUAlert especially if mobile or office numbers change. Updates can be made at http://www.creighton.edu/cualert/.

The following provides a summary of key findings:

  • Campus community members knew the drill was coming.
  • The delay between the delivery of messaging via mobile, phone and e‐mail seemed to bother respondents. All emergency notification messages are received at the same time‐‐‐the system used must rotate through databases that contain key contact information.
  • Several people commented that some faculty members did not seem to understand or be aware of drill procedures. Additional efforts will be made to educate these key leaders.
  • There continues to be some lack of knowledge on evacuation and shelter procedures. We remind people to learn their shelter locations prior to drills or actual incidents. A comprehensive list is available at http://www.creighton.edu/emergencypreparedness/stormshelters/.
  • Efforts need to continue to educate community members on the importance of emergency preparedness and information. More than 50 percent of the respondents have never gone to the http://www.creighton.edu/emergencypreparedness/.
  • Douglas County sirens did not sound on time and that confused some respondents. As the committee did this year, we will remind people not to count on the siren as their official communication for the drill. Also people expect to hear the siren and complained they could not.
  • Several respondents commented that they were confused by the use of the public address system in the Harper Center because it focuses on fires.
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