Líderes en Solidaridad

Líderes en Solidaridad

Emerging Leaders Program in the Dominican Republic

The Líderes en Solidaridad Program is a subset of Creighton's Emerging Leaders Program designed specifically for Encuentro Dominicano students. Like the Emerging Leaders Program, it is geared towards sophomores and juniors who are rising leaders in the Creighton community.
Líderes en Solidaridad uses the Heroic Leadership model, by Chris Lowney. The model is based on Lowney's leadership lessons from the Jesuits. Líderes en Solidaridad is held once each semester in the Dominican Republic. Students meet throughout the semester to discuss not only Chris Lowney's leadership model, but how it pertains to living in solidarity with the poor and the Dominican Republic. At each meeting we focus on one of the pillars of leadership that Lowney discusses in his model.

The Learning Outcomes for Líderes en Solidaridad:

1) Students will understand the foundation of the Heroic Leadership model and its connection to Ignatian tradition and values.

2) Students will demonstrate understanding of the concept of "leadership for social change" through monthly reflections.

3) Students will implement their learning in a project they conceptualize to work towards social progress in their chosen service sites.

4) Students will demonstrate greater understanding of the concepts of solidarity, privilege, and cultural understanding throughout the course.

5) Students will reflect upon their impact at their chosen service sites in a final reflection.

6) Students will discern how they will be able to continue and/or improve upon that impact.


For more information about this program, please contact the Student Life Director for Encuentro Dominicano, katturco@creighton.edu