About the Curriculum

Curriculum Goals

Lifelong lessons learned inside and outside the classroom

The Encuentro Dominicano Program course (EDP 361) offers a multi-disciplinary study of the history, sociology, politics, economics and religion of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.  Classroom work is integrated with service-learning and cultural immersion in a context of ethical analyses and reflection.  In a seminar format, students will be required to critique their knowledge and values and discuss the dimensions of their emerging experiences.  This course also provides a supervised learning experience in a community learning site and is designed to integrate the knowledge, values, and skills presented in the classroom with the experiences in the community. 

As a result of this multi-faceted approach to learning, students split their course time between the formal classroom setting, their assigned service sites, academic trips, and in our campo immersion sites.  Students find themselves to be busy, but constantly challenged. Click here for more information about the EDP 361 Course and its Credits.

A Typical Week in Encuentro Dominicano

*Fridays are used to make up service hours or visit other people's service sites, as well as to go on scheduled academic trips.

** There are three Spanish sections within this time frame. Students only attend one hour and 15 minute long section (as determined by their Spanish level).


The time periods are merely suggested and could be altered. They were designed with the following considerations in mind:

  •   leave the daytime hours for students to take required classes, study, and do service work
  •  daytime hours will also enable visiting Creighton professors to prepare for class, to explore the area, and possibly to do their own service hours or research
  •  if students are not taking one of the elective classes in the evening, they may use this time to study or work on projects and other courses
  • the last day of each 3-week session could be assessment day (major test or project or other assessment measure)

Typical Semester Schedule