Course Information

Advising Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to facilitate advising regarding the Encuentro Dominicano Program. The curriculum for this program is much more flexible than that for previous programs in the Dominican Republic, covers many CORE requirements, and is fairly easy to understand. If anyone continues to have questions or concerns regarding the curricular dimension of this program, they may contact Dr. Sharon Ishii-Jordan (

One six-credit-hour class is required of all students who participate in the program: EDP 361: Social Justice in the Dominican Republic: Sociology, History, and Economics in a Caribbean Context.

The Advising Guidelines on that course are as follows:

  • College of A & S: Students may receive 3 hours of CORE credit under International/Global Studies and 3 hours of CORE per their designation of a chosen interest area (floating), which could include a history, sociology, economics, philosophy or theology CORE. This course is also Certified Writing.
  • College of Business: Students may receive 3 hours of the International Culture requirement and 3 hours of a Core requirement such as a social science, history or economics. Also possible is a business seminar per their designation of a chosen interest area and a research paper addressing that interest area.
  • Nursing: This course may possibly fulfill a skills requirement and an elective within the Nursing core.

Spanish is required of all students who are not fluent speakers. Students must take 3 credit hours of Spanish language at their next proficiency level designated by the Modern Languages and Literatures Department. They will also enroll in an additional 3 credits of Immersion Spanish.

Each semester, up to two courses will be offered in the evening for a three-week block, taught by Creighton professors visiting the Dominican Republic. Students may also choose to arrange an online or directed readings course with Creighton faculty members from the Omaha campus.