About the ILAC Center


Students will live in dorms that have a maximum capacity of four to six students per room.  Each room has its own private bathroom and shower.  Students will be supplied bed linens, bath towels and a mosquito net. There is wi-fi available throughout the ILAC campus.

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ILAC Courtyard View // Encuentro Library Entrance & Stairs to Student Dorms // Cafeteria & Recreation Space // Campus Guest Cottages (casitas) and Running Track

Other ILAC facilities that are available for student use include a library, volleyball court, running track, student lounge, dinning hall, kitchen, a classroom, chapel, laundry room, health clinic, computer labs and several open space areas for studying or resting.   As there are other people besides Encuentro Dominicano students that stay at ILAC, students will be expected to live in community not only with each other, but also with other student groups and medical teams. 

The Student Life Director lives at ILAC and is the first responder in medical and safety situations.  In the case of any illness or injury, the Student Life Director will accompany the student to the doctor or hospital.  All medical needs including private transportation to the hospital are at the student's expense.  It is required that students purchase traveler's health insurance prior to departure.



The ILAC Center in the Dominican Republic is housed at "La Mision", an eight-building campus located 7.5 kilometers outside of Santiago. Located in the second largest city of the Dominican Republic, the ILAC Center provides numerous opportunities for students and professionals to grow personally, professionally and spiritually.

The beautiful center is fully enclosed and guarded 24 hours a day, making it tranquil, quiet and safe.

The ILAC Center is an international, Christian, Ignatian-inspired, collaborative health care and educational organization that exists to promote the integral well-being and spiritual growth of all its participants. 

The Center is often referred to by its Spanish equivalent, the Centro de Educacion para la Salud Integral (CESI), which has served the rural campo communities of the Dominican Republic since 1973.  All of the international groups that visit the Dominican Republic are assisted by the long standing connections in the country established by the Dominican staff of ILAC/CESI.

Encuentro Dominicano utilizes the relationships of the mission to decide on locations for immersion experiences and "proyecticos" (projects that the students complete while they are in the community).  The immersion communities form the basis of a major educational opportunity for the Encuentro students as they learn the way of life in the Dominican campo and the daily struggles of the people there.