Thinking of applying?  Here is what you need to know:


Student Requirements

  • An interest in attending Creighton University for post-secondary education
  • Status as a high school sophomore or junior in the greater Omaha metropolitan area
  • A 3.3 GPA on an un-weighted 4.0 scale
  • First-generation, low-income: Pell eligible OR underrepresented minority


Application Process

Students are required to:

  • complete a program application - either online OR download PDF
  • provide W2s or a 1040
  • provide a high school transcript and a personal statement. 

The ICC staff will screen for eligibility and consider the following:

  1. income status
  2. parent or guardian academic status
  3. ethnicity
  4. self-reported needs assessment. 

Additional factors include:

  1. academic record
  2. homelessness or wards of the state
  3. English as a Second Language
  4. partner referrals. 

The applicant must submit the ICC application for participation

The parent(s) must complete the School Records Release Form for release of high school transcripts. Even if the application is submitted online, a hard copy of the school records release form must be submitted.

The parent(s) must provide a copy the most recent parent or family federal income tax form showing Taxable Income, or a statement from the Social Security Administration, or the Department of Social Services.

The application must be completed and returned with ALL the accompanying forms and or documents to the Ignatian College Connection Program before a student will be considered of admittance.  


            Attn: Vanessa Rodriguez
            Ignatian College Connection Program
            Creighton University
            2500 California Plaza
            Omaha, NE 68178


For questions about the application process, contact Vanessa Rodriguez.

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