Awards from Student Support Services

Every year, Student Support Services awards their students at the Recognition Ceremony for their achievements both in and out of the classroom.


This award is given to those who exhibits superior leadership and outstanding service to school and community.

2015: Lulu Alvarez

2014: Ager Belay

2013: Hanna Nguyen

2012: Matthew Kor

2011: Jenna Klug

2010: Kathy Daotay

2009: Tiffanesha Williams

2008: Keshia Bradford

2007: Carolyn Kor

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This award is given to those demonstrating great dedication and persistence in academic studies.

2015: River Gunville

2014: Matthew Wilson

2013: Dylan Fills Pipe

2012: Victoria Tsosie & Lupe Gomez

2011: Jessica Rangel

2010: Da'Quisha Granderson

2009: PJ Root

2008: Bidong Tot

2007: Jeff Merrell

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This award is given to those who demonstrates exceptional academic achievement, superior character, service to others, leadership and commitment to the mission of Student Support Services.

2015: Lin Lau

2014: Yueshi Lin

2013: Morgan Pusek

2012: Danielle Turner

2011: Nhu Le

2010: Ryan Wong

2009: Chester Ashong

2008: Lan Uyen Tran

2007: Kristina Smith

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This award is given to first Year Students for exhibiting involvement in Student Support Services activities, dedication to academic success and initiative and responsibility.

2015: Cindy Kanga & Alan Timilsina

2014: Isrrael Garcia

2013: Justin Sears

2012: Asmita Paudyal

2011: Lili Mac

2010: Emina Becirovic

2009: Steele Valenzuela

2008: Kathy Daotay

2007: Lorena Zamarripa

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Spirit of St. Ignatius

The Spirit of Saint Ignatius Award is given to the student that consistently demonstrated integrity, courage, justice, compassion, and selfless dedication to others.

2015: Baptiste Beaux Beauvais

2014: Daisy Liberato

2013: Stephen J. Waters

2012: Tai Hoang

2011: Michelle Wang

2010: Luis Vazquez

2009: Emmanuel de Jesus

2008: Carolyn Kor

2007: Nicole Gaughan

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This award is given to the mentor that best exemplifies the ideal image of a mentor by contributing to the development of his/her protégé by serving as a coach, teacher, friend, role model, guide, and motivator.

Gateway Ambassador

2013: Jimmy Tran

2012: Jason Nguyen & Dilasha Neupane

Peer2Peer award

2009: Cheree Hatfield & Paul Tran

2008: Emmanuel de Jesus

2007: Lan Anh Tran

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SSS Ambassador

SSS is blessed with many remarkable students that help promote and advocate for the program. This award is to recognize those students that have gone above and beyond to education, promote, and advance the mission of the SSS program.

2015: Makayla Nelson & Joanna Perez

2014: Amber Franco

2013: Alexis Gonzalez & Veronica Faber

2012: Sheila Field

2011: Alicia Amedee & Willie White

2010: Marrisa Begay & Tri Tran

2009: Kathy Daotay & Monica Ibarra

2008: Jamie O'Brien & Jeny Acosta

2007: Mehgan Nolan & Guillermo Guzman

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Faculty Award

The Faculty Award recognizes and honors the outstanding achievements and contributions by a faculty member that has made a significant impact upon the students and mission of the Student Support Services program.

2015: Dr. Corey Guenther & Dr. Mary Ann Danielson

2014: Dr. Brian Kokensparger & Dr. Dawn Irlbeck

2013: Jeanne Eibes

2012: Dr. Bruce Mattson

2011: Dr. Thomas Pisarri & Dr. John Calvert

2010: Dr. Mary Longo & Dr. Kevin Graham

2009: Dr. Michel Mallenby

2008: Dr. Bruce Malina

2007: Sue Selde

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Rev. John P. Markoe, S.J. Award

This is a leadership award is designed to recognize an outstanding leader who has made a significant contribution to the promotion of justice and unity.

2015: Justin Sears

2014: Amal Barre

2013: Lotplar Laywah

2012: Martín Estrada

2011: Amber Bennett

2010: Adrian Sandoval

2009: Chadi El-Khoury

2008: MeLitta Wilson

2007: Joslyn Funches

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RAISE Emerging Leader Award

Presented to a first-year C-NAAP student who exemplifies leadership through service involvement and expresses strong academic achievements.  The recipient of this award demonstrates high levels of initiative, independence, resourcefulness, and judgement in accomplishing academic goals.

2015: Miranda Sisneroz

2014: River Gunville

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