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Enrollment Agreement

I agree, as a condition of my enrollment in the Student Support Services Program, to comply with the following rules or requests:

  1. I will complete the SSS certification of academic need, needs assessments, entrance testing, and any other assessments or paperwork which may be required as a participant.
  2. I grant the SSS staff permission to request and receive my grade reports, financial aid data, and other confidential information from other Creighton University departments and faculty. I understand that my academic performance will be monitored until I exit Creighton.
  3. I agree to complete the following minimum participation requirements for each semester (these requirements may be modified with appropriate notice by the director):
    1. I will attend an orientation meeting as a new student and as a returning student at the beginning of each semester.
    2. I will meet one time each semester with the academic counselor to review my goal attainment and general progress.
    3. If I am placed on academic probation, I will meet with the academic counselor weekly or bi-weekly at the discretion of the academic counselor. In subsequent academic semesters, I will meet with the academic counselor each semester as directed.
    4. I will attend at least two workshops sponsored or approved by SSS each semester. I understand that I may be required to attend special or additional workshops sponsored by SSS each semester. I understand that I may be required to attend additional workshops as a new or probationary student.
    5. I will meet with a SSS staff member at least once each semester at midterm or as directed.
  4. I understand that if I receive the Scholarship for Economically and Educationally Disadvantaged Students (SEEDS), the renewal each semester is dependent upon my continued enrollment in and demonstrated need for services from the SSS program as well as successful completion of the above minimum participation requirements by the required deadlines. Failure to complete any one of the requirements will result in the revocation of SEEDS for the upcoming semester. I understand that there is no appeal process for the termination of the SEEDS scholarship.
  5. If I apply for a peer tutor through SSS, I agree to meet with my tutor weekly and give advance notice to the tutor if I cannot attend a tutorial session. I agree to evaluate my tutorís performance and will comply with other requests from the SSS tutorial coordinator. I understand that missed sessions, tardiness, lack of preparation, and other misconduct will result in revocation of SSS tutorial services. If meeting with a professional tutor, I will keep appointments and cancel in advance if I am unable to meet my scheduled appointments.
  6. I give permission to release my name and/or picture to provide recognition in newsletters, web pages, and/or other publications.
  7. The director reserves the right to admit or deny any student enrollment in the SSS program. Completion of this application does not guarantee acceptance into the SSS program, eligibility for the SEEDS scholarship, or any other program services.

I read and agree to abide by the program rules and requirements as stated above in order to be considered for admission to the Creighton University Student Support Services Program. Under penalty of forfeiture of Student Support Services assistance, I hereby certify that the information provided on this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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