SSS students

Academic Counseling/Advising

Students may receive assistance in developing study skills and habits. Advice on course selection based on skill level, interest, and choice of major is also available.

English/Writing Specialist - This specialist can assist students in adapting to the heavy reading demands of college life and in improving writing skills. Papers can be critiqued for style, structure, and content.

Science Specialist - Students are assisted in science courses ranging from Core requirements to pre-medicine and pharmacy requirements.

Math Specialist - The math specialist can help you to find your way through math courses from Basic Algebra to Statistics and Calculus.

Tutoring - Peer tutors provide free individualized assistance in a variety of disciplines. Tutors can assist in understanding concepts, recommending study techniques, checking comprehension, and providing encouragement.

SI Tutoring - SI Tutoring is available in THL, PHL, MTH, and Science. If additional courses are needed, please see one of the SSS Staff memebers.


Assistance for Students with Disabilities

Accommodations are available to students with disabilities who request them. Documentation of disability is required. Accommodations may include services such as priority class registration; readers; texts on tape; special testing arrangements including alternate formats, locations, and extended time; preferential seating; and memos to instructors.



By appointment, one on one workshops:

TIME MANAGEMENT:  Being a college student is a full-time job.  How do you fit in work, friends, and fun?  In this workshop, you will learn the basic how, where, and when of time management principles and design your own personal time management strategies to get the most out of being a college student.  

MINING THE TEXTBOOK:  Textbooks are expensive—and the foundation of all your courses.  The amount of reading can be overwhelming, but strategies for learning from textbooks can help make reading more efficient and effective.  Bring your most difficult texts to receive one-on-one help digging into the text without working harder.

PREVENTING TEST ANXIETY OR HOW TO REALLY STUDY:  Memory, lecture notes, study groups, review all add up to better than average grades.  Discovering how learning actually works and avoid test panic.  Integrating all aspects of study is the key—discover what will work best for you and for each class.  Bring all the materials for any class where you’re stuck for a personalized learning plan.

BETTER THAN AVERAGE NOTES:   Studying from notes means more than just reading them over and over again.  Learning the best strategies for taking textbook and lecture notes and how to study  effectively from notes can boost your GPA.  Bring samples of your notes for review.