Career, Professional and Graduate Assistance

A Quote From Bill Clinton...

"We are living in a world, where what we earn is a function of what we learn."

~Bill Clinton
(42nd President of U.S.)

Career Counseling - Counselors also assist students in exploring interests, aptitudes, and skills so that they can make informed choices when selecting majors or career paths.

Aptitude assessments can be taken through the Career Center, such as FOCUS and Campbell. has free assessments on their home page.

The SSS Counselor can discuss with you the results of these assessments.  We can discuss different majors and careers related to each major.  In your sophomore year, you will be encourage to take the Strengths Quest assessment.  We can discuss the results of that assessment and how it relates to your major, career, leadership role and every day life. 

The SSS Counselor can discuss options for searching internships, summer and full-time employment.  We can discuss resumes, cover letters and thank you letters.  You can complete a mock interview for job interviewing or graduate school interviews with Karen.  We can complete various questions and review your performance.  We can discuss how to find and contact a mentor or professional to job shadow.  We can also review various web sites regarding job listings, professional organizations, chamber of commmerce sites with job listings, university Career Centers, corporations and other sites that can assist you in your job search.

The SSS Counselor can discuss graduate school preparation, recommendation letters and personal statements.  There are graduate school Test prep books for the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, PCAT that you can borrow and study for each exam.  We can review various web sites readgarding graduate school programs, universities, professional organizations, requirements of different programs and other sites that can assist you in the search for the proper graduate school.

Karen's 18 years of Career Counseling experience can provide you many examples, experiences and sample resumes.  Just make an appointment or stop by her office.