We are located in the Old Gym, 4th floor

SSS students

Computer lab

The computer lab in the Old Gym 4th Floor is open to all SSS participants. The lab has the latest computer software needed to complete class projects and presentations. SSS maintains a fully equipped, networked computer lab with IBM compatible computers. All 36 computers have Windows XP and are kept up to date with the latest possible upgrades. Computers have Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel, BlueLine, and much more. Computers also have Internet access and laser printer.

Computers are reserved for the use of program students and students can print school related papers free of charge. All computers in our computer lab are for educational purposes and priority will be given to students needing to complete course assignments over non-school related activities. However if the computers are not in use students are welcome to check email, listen to music using head phones, or to surf the internet. Users are asked to follow the computer lab rules.

Through institutional commitment, SSS has a fully equipped computer classroom/lab with eighteen personal computers, and a networked laser printer  for students.  An instructor?s podium with an integrated control interface that controls a DVD player, networked computer, digital document camera, and directs those images and audio through a ceiling mounted data projector and associated sound system.  The podium also has inputs for a laptop computer.  


There is a classroom that students can use to go over lessons together using the projector and whiteboard. There is enough space to have multiple study groups work in the classroom at the same time.

Study Rooms

There are two study rooms students can use to study in private or to take tests. These rooms also have a whiteboard for use by the students.

Conference Room

The conference room is equipped with a Smart Board, ceiling mounted data projector, sound system, with wall mounted inputs for laptops and other video and audio devices.

Office Hours (call 402-280-3384 for confirmation)
Monday Friday: 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.