Let SSS take the stress out of the financial side of college


"SSS is great, I love the support and benefits offered by SSS. SSS offered me the financial support I needed and laid out different educational information and career opportunities that will help me make the right decisions for my education and career."

~Linh Do
(Pharmacy & Health Professions)

Raymond A. Bucko, S.J. Scholarship

Formerly known as SEEDS, the Raymond A Bucko, S.J. Scholarship is named after Fr. Bucko, a champion of the SSS program, friend, and former mentor to many of the students that participated in the program during his 14 years at Creighton.  The scholarship is made available through Creighton University and is administered by the SSS Director and Financial Aid to assist participants with financial need that demonstrate excellent academic achievement and potential. As a result of the Bucko scholarships, which are only available to SSS participants, students are offered financial aid that helps to meet their full financial need. These scholarships are renewed based on active program participation and good academic standing. The maximum award is $4,000.

Student Support Services Grant Aid

SSS Grant Aid is a financial award available to eligible SSS participants through a generous grant from the U.S. Department of Education and Creighton University. SSS Grant Aid is intended to help improve retention by supplementing financial assistance for low income students with unmet financial need. Grant Aid helps support students who are active and in good standing with SSS in order to encourage academic success. Grant Aid awards are made in the spring semester and the maximum award is $4,000. Students are selected from the list of active SSS participants based on the eligibility criteria listed below.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • In good standing with the SSS program which is demonstrated by completing all program requirements for fall and spring semesters 
  • Pell grant recipient for the current academic year 
  • In good academic standing 
  • Enrolled full-time 
  • Freshman or sophomore standing 
  • Unmet need based on current year Financial Aid award